About Santosha Mind Body Wellness, LLC

In Sanskrit, the ancient language of India, the word for contentment is Santosha, defined a key component to success on the path of self-realization.  It is the prerequisite to experiencing peace and balance.

It is also accepting ourselves just as we are.  There’s no need for me to be different than I am, and there’s no need for my life to be any different in this moment.  It is an inner feeling of satisfaction, mindfulness, in the now, so that the events and things of our world don’t set us off balance.  When we’re in a state of Santosha, our desires are filled by the inner feeling of contentment and, we feel inner peace.

Most of us avoid opportunities to feel contentment. Even when we make progress – an increase in income, developing new skill, or getting healthier – we’re still not satisfied.  

When we feel Santosha, life gets much more interesting!  We begin to enjoy the simple things in life – folding the laundry, listening to the rain, smiling at someone on the street, a hike or walk with your husband and dog.  We see things differently – how abundant our lives are, how good it feels to truly breathe, what relationships are precious to us.

Contentment heightens our appreciation and experience of what is, and therefore enriches us deeply.  We have less need to get something new, and enjoy more of what we have.  We feel happier with who we are, because we see the wonderful qualities we already possess.

Sometimes we feel stuck and are unable to achieve santosha. At Santosha Mind-Body Wellness, LLC, we will help to bring Santosha back into your life.