Health & Wellness Coaching

Health Coaching is a confidential partnership between you and a Health Coach with the objective of assisting you to achieve your personal wellness goals. Health Coaching is a paradigm for assisting people to become masters of their Wellness.

How does Health Coaching work?

Following the completion of a brief health risk assessment, an initial telephonic meeting will be arranged. During this session individuals will generally begin to formulate a Wellness vision, goals for the next three-months, and your 1st week's goals. This is a customized plan based on your individual needs and desires.

You will then meet weekly with your Health Coach to review the previous week's goals, assist you in working through any obstacles you may have faced and/or discuss things you may want to learn more about; then an action plan is set for the upcoming week. All sessions are by phone, instant message session and/or email based, so you can schedule them at a time and place that is convenient for you.

Health Coaching: What's Discussed?

The coachee has a lot to say about this, but topics generally relate to stress management, diet, exercise, weight management and life issues which impact Wellness. Health Coaching is client-driven. Individual's being coached are not be "put on" the latest health or weight loss fad.

Instead, individuals work with the Health Coach to design a personal Wellness plan. You and your Wellness Coach will design a 3-month wellness plan; this is the amount of time needed for most individuals to make meaningful behavioral change become a part of your life.

Why do people work with Health Coaches?

For numerous reasons, but generally people work with a Health Coach because they are ready to make some type of change in their life. They envision a life where stress is more easily managed, where they are in control of their weight, and fitness becomes a regular activity. They can see how their life will improve if they are truly well, but have not yet succeeded on their own.

Is Health Coaching a lifetime commitment?

No. In fact, the goal of the Health Coach is to make you self-sufficient where you no longer need a coach. The Health Coaching process will assist you to get over the initial "hump" of resistance, learn what works for you and what doesn't, and put you on the path to not only having Wellness as a foundation and central part of your life, but something that is easily done.