Everything disclosed in a session is confidential except where I am legally bound. This would include any threat of physical or sexual danger to child or elder or any kind of danger for self or others.

Fees/Missed Appointments:
Fees are payable at the time of service. Please be aware of the fee per session ahead of time so you are clear about the amount due. A charge of $25 will be incurred for any returned check.

To change or cancel an appointment, there will not be a charge with 24 hours notice. However, if this occurs within 24 hours of a scheduled appointment, you are liable for the fee and this is payable at the beginning of the following appointment.

Energy work, Reiki, Meditation and Herbal Medicine are not intended, nor do they provide medical or psychological treatment. My intention is to help balance the body, mind and spirit, so you may experience an ever expanding life that is healthy, vibrant and fulfilling.