Simple, Easy, Every Day (SEED) Meditation (SEED™) Meditation


Do you want to learn to meditate, but don’t know how to start? We’ve made it easy for you. Simple, Easy, Every Day (SEED) Meditation can be learned in as little as 2½ hours, and is a perfect method for anyone, whether you are new to meditation, or simply want to get back on track with your practice.

Most of us are overstimulated and over scheduled, which leads to mental, emotional, and physical stress. Stress is a direct result of our out-of-balance lifestyles. Reports indicate that over 80% of all doctor visits are due to stress-related complaints, such as anxiety, high blood pressure, depression, insomnia, chronic pain, allergies, digestive disorders, inability to focus, and fatigue.

Meditation is the antidote to stress. And anyone can learn to meditate. Don’t have any experience? Don’t worry! If you can think a thought, you can meditate. And you don’t have to change your diet, your religion, or your beliefs. You don’t have to stop thinking or clear your mind. You simply must have the desire to do it and then commit to a short, daily practice. You will notice the benefits unfolding naturally and effortlessly. But knowing about meditation will not give you the benefits—doing it will.

Each person has their own reason for learning to meditate. Whatever your intention, let it serve as the seed that will be nourished by the deep silence and potential that meditation brings. As this seed grows, your meditation practice will cultivate inner peace, creativity, inspiration, harmonious relationships, fulfillment, better health, and more self-awareness.

What You Will Learn Through the SEED Meditation Class

There are various ways to meditate, and you will learn about many of them through SEED Meditation. You will also discover the basics of successful meditation: what meditation is, what it isn’t, and what experiences you might have. You will begin to understand the five essentials of a successful practice, and the benefits that will unfold. The techniques we focus on cultivating are:

SEED Meditation allows you to create your own personal practice without listening to recordings, being guided, or joining religious or spiritual groups. The mindfulness practices and silent sound meditation techniques will help you to create a new normal, connecting you with your center point of peace. These techniques are powerful yet simple, and easy to keep doing. Hundreds of SEED Meditation students have reported that they continue their practice year after year, and continue to benefit from their practice.

Every question you have about meditation will be answered. There are no prerequisites to join this meditation class. The course materials (a CD and a meditation book) are included with this class. And once you take the class, you can take it again and again, within a year, at no extra charge whenever a class is scheduled.

The SEED Meditation class includes:

Santosha Mind Body Wellness, LLC offers SEED Meditation classes in Durango, and can also arrange a private individual or group classes and Skype classes.